The Spine-Chilling Murder Of 2-year-old James Bulger

The ten-year-old boys became the youngest convicted murderers in England.

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James Bulger killers Jon Venables (holding the boy’s hand) and Robert Thompson (walking directly in front of the boy) as they
James Bulger killers Jon Venables (holding the boy’s hand) and Robert Thompson (walking directly in front of the boy) as they abduct their victim; Source: Wikimedia

For the average reader who hasn’t come across the above surveillance image in the past, it may look like just another routine CCTV image. None of the individuals is seen to be in a rush, and neither are any of them flashing a weapon of any sort. However, a close inspection of the entire visual footage reveals the cooking of a rather sinister plot.

The footage reveals a pair of fifth-grade boys entering a shopping complex. Within minutes following their entry, they walk out of the complex with a seamlessly innocent toddler alongside them. The series of actions which then followed on, took the entire world by storm. These boys would go on to commit some of the most horrendous crimes in England’s history. Even the most insane barbarian would have thought twice before committing such a slaughter, given the fact that the victim was just two-years-old at the time of his murder. What’s furthermore shocking is the age of the boys themselves; they were just ten-years-old at the time of their conviction.

Backstory Of The Convicts

Robert Thompson

Robert Thompson, pictured after his arrest in February 1993
Robert Thompson, pictured soon after his arrest in February 1993; Source: Pic

Robert Thompson came from a poor and disruptive family. The family had seven children, including him. Both his parents were habitual alcoholics and drug consumers. They would routinely quarrel and blame each other for not being able to support their family.

To further add to the troubles, his father had an affair with a woman he met at a bar. When his mother found about her husband’s extramarital affair, she confronted him and ordered for a divorce. Following this confrontation, he began routinely hitting his wife and children in an attempt to silence them.

Eventually, he asked his kids to fend for themselves and began staying at his new girlfriend’s place. After he left, Robert’s mother too washed her hands of her responsibilities. She informed her kids that it would be impossible for her to take care of all their daily needs. She further…



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